Awesome PHP Service Checker

Apr 6

I recently found this neat dashboard company called leftronic and they provide a way for you to push data to their dashboard and customize it they way you want. So what I did was I decided to set up a service status page for my gaming forum so that the users will know if something goes down. Well as a result I came up with this really neat way of check if a service is running on a certain port.

Hopefully this can come in handy 🙂

This was a quick and easy way to test services on different ports 😀

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NodeJS + + PHP

Mar 9

Over the past few days, I’ve been writing a custom Chat in an attempt to optimize resource consumption and make use of AWESOME web sockets. I stumbled across the idea of being able to “push” events that happen on the site such as receiving new messages, or new posts on topics you follow to the shoutbox. As a result I went out looking for a way of PHP connecting to a nodeJS server and being able to broadcast to the socket from there.

The result is a sort of hack which involves creating a secondary HTTP server and listening for connections. When a connection is received, the URL is parsed with the parameters and action can be taken accordingly 🙂

Here’s the code:

To push to it from PHP just fire a file_get_contents() or curl request to it. For example the one I use is as follows:

Hopefully this can help someone else with the same issue I had 😀

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