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The Rundown

Web Developer • Semi-Pro Gamer • Tech Junkie • Writer • Entrepreneur

Unabridged Version

Uhm well I am a passionate web developer to the point where it has become my pass-time, my hobby and my career. I’m currently developing a suite of mobile and tablet apps for a company called Kyäni based out of Idaho in the States. I get to work with awesome people from the comfort of my home, what’s not to love? I’m the owner, founder, and admin at the gaming forum DarkUmbra.Net, a tight-knit community of gaming friends. I’ve developed a bunch of websites for friends, family and other people so if you’re interested ping me an email.

I love to game, PS3 mainly. I play CoD – currently Black Ops II – as well as Assassin’s Creed. I own a Wii which unfortunately doesn’t get much use except for the occasional Guitar Hero. I also enjoy Minecraft online with friends and I am currently working on an awesome Minecraft project with a co-worker, fellow entrepreneur, and friend-for-life, Peter (check his blog out). Always looking for friends on PS3 add me up, PSN: ShadowfulPuppet. I’ve also recently acquired a PS4 (launch day pre-order baby!) and currently have only one game: CoD Ghosts. If you feel like shooting the breeze (or other players for that matter…) add me up on PSN and we’ll chill! Just be sure to message me saying who you are 😛

Apple gear baby! I am somewhat I guess you could say obsessed with Apple gear. I own an iPad 2, an iPhone 5S and a MacBook Pro but I have also owned 3 other iPhones and 2 other iPods lol. SHUSH! It’s not that much I swear 😛 I follow all the tech people on Twitter and I’m always excited for what’s to come in the tech industry. I try to tweet about stuff that matters so if you do the same then follow me!

Unfortunately the fullest extent of my writing career at the moment is this site lol. I am trying to get back into posting regular content updates about stuff that I’m passionate about. I have much to learn before becoming a writer like one of my best friends Kaylin who writes some of the best poetry you’ll ever read.

Well that’s me summed up in 300 words or so, any questions? No? GOOD 😛 Nah just kidding haha, if you have anything to say, tweet at me or send me an email and I’ll be happy to interact with another human being for once 😛

Cheers, Peace & Love,