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Neat NodeJS Plugin

May 4

I found this neat plugin today for Node.js development called Nodemon. What it does is it monitors the files you’re working with and restarts the server whenever a change is made. This will be particularly useful for those who are sick of hitting CTRL + C, UP ARROW, ENTER each time they save a file. On top of that, if some change is made to the script that causes it to error and crash, Nodemon will display the error and wait for you to fix it before restarting. This prevents infinite looping if errors occur!

To install Nodemon, just use the built in Node Package Manager, npm

Once it’s installed you can run it as you would normally but substitute the node command with nodemon so nodemon some_application.js. As an added bonus, cd to your work folder first so it can monitor all folders and files of your application.

I found this to be exceptionally useful during development and saves a lot of time!

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